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2018-04-06 Crown Buffet Tour Part 2 皇冠紅地毯計畫,享用高級自助餐




On 23 March 2018, we successfully led almost 50 of our senior group members to Crown Casino to enjoy their Red Carpet Program. Therefore, we decided to create the other Crown Buffet group on 06 April 2018 again to bring our senior members to the city and enjoy the premium buffet.

Luckily we had many enthusiasm and supportive volunteers to help us to look after the senior participants. Thanks to their contribution and care, our senior members can enjoy the safe and joyful tour. We also took advantage of this gathering to understand their needs and difficulties at home. We as Chinese Nurse Association Australia would like to know how we can help them to improve their aging life at home and in Australia.

In addition, from this event we can tell that they are so looking forward to attending the social activities and going out. This finding warms our volunteers' heart and makes us wants to contribute more on improving their lives. We wish they can stay physically and mentally healthy via our Chinese Nurse Association Australia's community support and the activities of our Chinese Senior Activity Centre.


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