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2017-10-10 - Aged Care System Education at Joyful Senior Centre

After a long focus on the Government Funded Home Care Package, the senior community slowly became more open to the type of care that can support their futures. To further introduce various care options, we took this opportunity to introduce Australia’s Aged Care System to those at Joyful Senior Centre.

All the attendants were attentive and showed interest in this topic as it provided valuable information about their future care options. Many of the attendants eagerly took notes as future reference to share with their close friends and family.

Chinese Nurse Association Australia believes that the establishment of these community lectures will definitely help the senior community in gaining a better understanding of health, medical and welfare knowledge. We hope that through our collaboration with various senior social groups around Victoria that we can reach a greater audience.

If you are part of a senior social group or would like some more information regarding our community talks, please contact us on (03) 8812 2661 or email to

2017年10月10日 – 澳大利亞安老服務系統講課在喜樂長者中心






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