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2017-09-30 - Mid-Autumn Festival and LaoLaiLe Chinese Senior Social Centre Opening Ceremony

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

LaoLaiLe Chinese Senior Social Centre held their opening ceremony at the Parish Hall of St Peter’s Anglican Church on Whitehorse Road, Box Hill. After a month of preparation for this event, the Chinese Nurse Association Australia successfully gathered more than 300 seniors from around Victoria to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival together. It was truly wonderful to see such a packed hall.

Most of the seniors who came to attend have a great connection with us here at Chinese Nurse Association Australia and they often seek help and assistance from our volunteers. They have learnt a lot about various health topics from our Community Learning Program and understand the various types of help that is available to support their senior years. The seniors were excited that there is this establishment of a social group that can support their social connections and keep them active within the community.

This event was made successful thanks to our dedicated volunteer team. They diligently assisted with decorating the hall and to ensure all the attendants were comfortable and enjoyed themselves. We also prepared a light lunch, dessert and fruits to share with all.

Also, a heartfelt thanks to our sponsors of the day, Tianshi Care Australia Group’s representative, Rose shared an emotional speech about her difficulties living in Australia. There were many emotions shared and we are grateful that they can connect with us to host such a grand gathering to support the enhancing of the senior community’s lifestyle.

In addition, we would like to thank the Victoria Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the J&R

Global for their strong support and assistance. Thanks to Julia and President Lin for leading a large number of volunteers and performers to support our aim and vision to support the senior community. Chinese Nurse Association Australia had the opportunity to show colourful performances and to give the attendants the change to enjoy the beauty of traditional Chinese art and dance.

Due to the unexpected number of interested parties, we decided to open a Chinese Senior Social Group that will meet every Friday at Box Hill. We are confident that this group will reach out and support many seniors from the community giving them the chance to come together to socialise, share interest and to connect with the community hence maintaining their independence and active lifestyles.

We hope that every Friday at 10:00am, we can meet the senior community at LaoLaiLe and to share many memories and happy moments.

The group is available for over 65 year olds and the membership is $15 annually. This membership will cover all organised activities.

老來樂華人長者活動中心在Box Hill 的白馬市市政廳旁的教堂會場中隆重開幕!澳大利亞華人護士協會在經過一個月的籌備工作,成功地聚集了來自維州四面八方的長者們,現場人數超過











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