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2017-09-19 - Pain Management Talk at Ashburton Senior Centre

Firstly, we would like to thank the Ashburton Senior Centre for giving the Chinese Nurse Association the honour to bring a variety of helpful and practical health knowledge to the community. Our Pain Management talk reached their Senior Centre on the 19 September 2017 and gave the attendants a better insight into how to better care for themselves and enjoy their senior years.

Our Registered Nurse lecturer explained how to use medication and natural ways to relieve pain in their bodies to better improve their mobility and their quality of life.

Many of the attendants mentioned that they are faced with the physical challenge of dealing with pain every day. They often don’t go out due to the inconvenience and some also could not sleep well at night. In order to reduce the discomfort they are faced with, they often rely on pain killers. Many of them were concerned about the side effects of long term pain killer use including addition, heart issues or other health burdens. Even though they require this, they try their best not to rely on it too often.

Our Registered Nurse took this precious opportunity to further educate on the good qualities of medicine as well as how to use heated wheat bags, light exercises and other non-drug ways to reduce the pain.

When the attendants were thankful for our educational talk, we felt that the purpose of Chinese Nurse Association Australia was achieved.







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