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2017-07-11&15 - Home Care Package Talk at Indian Senior Groups

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

On 11 and 15 July 2017, our Registered Nurse went to 2 Indian Senior Group in Point Cook and Clayton to lead a lecture regarding Home Care Package. During the lecture, the speaker taught them what Home Care Package is and how to apply for it. Since this information is strongly related to their life at home, all of them listened carefully and asked questions actively.

The opportunity to connect with these group allows our group to reach more diverse cultural groups and we hope to continue expanding our reach within the Community.

澳洲華人護理協會分別在2017年7月11日及15日到位於Point Cook 和 Clayton的印度長者小組,為該社區的年長者們講解關於聯邦政府補貼下的家庭養老信息,近50名年長者們靜聽我們的講座,反應甚佳,也得到許多正面的回饋。




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