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2017-07-07 - Pain Management Talk at ADEC Preston

We are very excited to be able to attend to ADEC Preston again to present on the topic of Pain Management in the senior community. We discuss ways to ease aches and pains and met many lovely and enthusiastic seniors. During this session, we began to understand that many of the attendants were faced with difficulties that come with aging leading to feeling uncomfortable.

The attendants learnt how to properly use drugs and non-drug related ways to deal with their aches and pains.

We look forward to working together with the ADEC Chinese Mental Health Team again and look forward to many more opportunities to share on diverse health care topics with their members,

If you are interested in having these lectures reach your social group, please be in contact with us on (03) 8812 2661 or

很高興在2017年4 月7日於ADEC Preston 活動中心舉行綜合家庭護理服務講課之後,能再次於7 月7日來到該協會,為他們可愛又熱情的年長會員們講解如何緩解因為疾病或是衰老而產生的不舒服,在講課的過程中,他們也逐漸明白如何適當地使用藥物及非藥物的方式來舒緩這些病症。

我們期望與ADEC 華人心理健康小組建立長期合作關係,一同為社區長者們謀取福利,並將更多樣化的講課主題帶給他們的會員。



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