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2017-06-01 - Home and Community Care Talk at Fitzroy Chinese Association

On 01 June 2017, Chinese Nurse Association Australia connected once again with Fitzroy Chinese Association to bring awareness on Home Care Packages to their members. Through the assistance of a Cantonese translator, Chinese Nurse Association successfully introduced “What is Home Care” to the attendants; we discussed ways to assist them with living at home and to make ageing a more enjoyable and smoother process.

After the meeting, there were many attendants that were interested in obtaining our assessment forms. They asked us for assistance to organise an ACAT assessment for them to obtain suitable Home Care Packages that can assist them with living longer within their own homes. Many of the attendants spoke only in Cantonese so the representatives of Chinese Nurse Association Australia had a barrier when communicating with them on the day. However, many people signed up to show interest and our Cantonese assessment team will be in contact.

This situation made us realise that we need more Cantonese speaking volunteers and would gladly accept you to our team if you share the same interest in improving the quality of the senior community’s lives. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please email your resume to





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