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2016-12-11 - Christmas Party 2016 at a farm in Wandin North

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

On Sunday, 11 December 2016, Chinese Nurse Association Australia welcomed in the holiday season with our annual Christmas celebration Party / BBQ.

This year was a little special has we held the party within a farm in the Lilydale area. During this gathering, we had the chance to catch up with all our loving volunteers and to acknowledge their dedication and sacrifices as a volunteer.


与往年有所不同的是,此次圣诞派对在Lilydale的一处农场中举行。 所有的志愿者与工作人员在此次活动中欢聚一堂。 在此次活动中,为表彰协会志愿者在过去一年里的卓越贡献,我们特地举行了表彰大会,并为他们颁发奖状。


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